21 November 2008

This is appropriate after witnessing the MLS Western Conference Championships between RSL and NY Redbulls at Rio Tinto Stadium last Saturday night.

Thanks KDAY

19 November 2008

The edifice complex

Why do banks spend so much money on marble lobbies, high ceilings and yes, $400 million to name a baseball stadium?

Why do marketers buy TV ads that don't increase sales in the short run?

Why have a receptionist and not just a house phone where you can call the person you came to see?

For the same reason that so many people have a green front lawn.

It's organized waste. Profligate spending designed to communicate confidence and just a bit of hubris.

Do you really want to invest money at a bank run by a guy with nothing but a bridge table and a cheap suit? Probably not. At some level, we like the confidence that we get from that big lobby. We are more likely to perk up when the reporter has her cameraman aim a huge black video camera (with lights!) at us, even though the little hand held camera might work just as well...

In times of financial stress and bailouts, the obvious solution (eliminate all the waste!) is not the one that works. In fact, in these times, we're more likely than ever to be nervous about the status of the organization we're working with.

I'd replace the expensive sponsorships and buildings with something more valuable, quicker to market and far more efficient: people. Real people, trustworthy people, honest people... people who take their time, look you in the eye, answer the phone and keep their promises. Not as easy to implement as writing a big check for the Super Bowl, but a lot more effective.

Who are you today?


"In this age of one hour dry cleaning and one minute fast food franchises, it may at times seem to us as though a loving Heavenly Father has misplaced our precious promises or He has put them on hold or filed them under the wrong name. . . ."When heaven's promises sometimes seem afar off, I pray that each of us will embrace these exceeding great and precious promises and never let go. . . . God will remember you."
Spencer J. Condie

16 November 2008

Sleeping angel

The Shrine

Ari and my office is almost complete. Here is a preview. Thank goodness Ari is a rugby fan!

Ari Attitude

It Doesn’t Matter Who Is President

Whatever your political affiliation, last week every citizen of the United States (and every citizen of the world) saw the American Dream and the American ideal demonstrated firsthand. Americans proved we actually act and deliver on our declarations. We have claimed that America is the land where anyone, from any background, any race, creed or color can achieve anything they set their mind to. President-Elect Barack Obama is confirmation that these promises are indeed true.

It is my belief that it doesn’t matter who is president in regards to how your life works out. The only person responsible for your present reality and your future opportunities is you. Hope, change and the betterment of your future are not dependent upon who lays their head on the pillow in the White House. You have to take responsibility for your own hope. You have to be the creator of your own change. You have to design and act on your own better future. Nobody is going to do it for you, not even the president.

The only person responsible for your present reality and your future opportunities is you.

08 November 2008

A little slice of Heaven

We spent the better part of the day watching 2 International Rugby matches at Real Stadium. The first match was between the USA select XV and the New Zealand Heartland XV. Our boys in Black came out on top. It was an awesome match. The second match was the USA National Team and the Uruguay National team. For the first time since before the World Cup last year the US were victorious. It was indeed a slice of Heaven. And the best part was spending it with my beautiful wife. She was a great sport for enduring 6 hours of Rugby.

Fig with some of the Heartland XV.

07 November 2008

As real as it gets!

For all of you out there who live in a CS3(photo shop) world I found this! Enlarge it and look at all the detail. Very cool!

02 November 2008

Halloween 2008

Grandma Cathy
Ari and Grandma Great!
Ari and her cousins!
Our little angel!

Some where over the Rainbow!