31 March 2008

4 Long Weeks on the Road

After 4 long weeks on the road it was good to see my desk again. Now the 12 page production/task list can begin!

25 March 2008

The Wild Bunch

Took photos of Ari's preschool today in the Studio.

Check this out!

23 March 2008

One for the backyard this summer.

Sense light swing made from plastic with fibre optic lighting inserted. On a dark summer night the swing creates a spectacular light show that lights up a whole garden in the most beautiful way. The swing was originally shown in the “Five playful chairs” exhibition in 2005 and has been a huge success around the globe. This is very cool, the only problem would be if you used this at night wouldn't you attract a lot of bugs to you. I guess make sure you have your bug spray handy or citronella candles out.

Ari vs. The Pinata

The Boys, Paxton and Caleb

The Pinata! Watch Ari's mad skills!
The Winner!

The Easter Dress

In front of the playhouse at Grandma and Papa's!
Got to ride to church in Papa's convertible!

One of many dresses I will have to purchase in Ari's life time.

22 March 2008

He Lives!

None other has had so profound an influence upon all who have lived and will yet live upon the earth. Of Him the Prophet also declared: "And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! The real message of Easter. Church website dedicated to The Savior

Very cool digital camera from Rolleiflex, awesome classic styling.

The MiniDigi AF 5.0 is a three-inch high, fully functional digicam replica of the original classic twin reflex camera.

Rolleiflex introduced the original MiniDigi in 2006, but it quickly sold out. The new MiniDigi AF 5.0, which is is available with a red or black casing, has been given some significant performance upgrades, including a 5 MB image file from a 3MP CMOS sensor, autofocus, and a very clear 1.1 inch TFT monitor, located at the top of the camera as it is on the full-sized Rolleiflex TLR.

It's available through specialty retailers. Pricing is expected to be $399 MSRP.

A nostalgic design feature that has modern applications is the square format. The square format means no need to choose between horizontal or vertical position. You simply look downward into the viewfinder at waist level, aim, and shoot.

The Big Easter Egg Hunt in KTown

Daddy and Ari ready to roll!
Ari and the Goods!To much candy for this girl!

13 March 2008

The Coolest Pen in the World

I have now carried the same pen for 4 years now. The Cross Ion. Cool Design, good feel and smooth write. Compact enough to fit in the pocket. I highly recommend it.

Brand Obsession

When it comes to certain products I am very, very brand loyal. In an effort to redesign our corporate brand I have been doing a lot of research. One brand I am almost religiously loyal to is Apple. In my opinion no one does it better.

Here's an experience I had to show why Apple is the best.

Brand Yourself Like Apple

My iPod died. That's the bad news. The good news is that it was 2 days on this side of the warranty expiring. Since it was just 48 hours from losing coverage I raced to my local Apple store to get it taken care of. I was in no way ready for what I was about to see. I had to wait 20 minutes for my time with the Apple Guru. While I was waiting I was blown away by the marketing and branding there. I think what they do could help you brand yourself for easier representing or selling of Brand You.

Before I get into the branding let's take a minute to answer the question, "Why brand me?" First of all, know that you are branded already. I could ask the people you work with for a list of 3-5 words and phrases that describe you in your position. The responses for any one person could be as varied as maddening to effective.

If you want a promotion, recognition, or a raise, you want that brand to be as good as the Apple brand. In some companies if you just want to keep your job you need to have a good reputation. Your brand represents that reputation. By consciously examining your brand and reputation behind it you will be able to direct it, through your actions, to be what you want it to be. It's more productive than having to defend your position or make your case in an interview. You'll be a known entity; someone who can be counted on.

So on to some of the lessons from the experts at Apple from the point of view of this marketing oriented productivity barista. . .

First I was struck by how many people love Apple. I was there at 9:50am and already loads of people were checking out computers,

iPhones, and getting lessons. Coincidentally there was a squad of Apple folks in Christmas red shirts that were easily identified as the Apple team. I was assisted within a minute of walking in the store by a red guy. Brand lesson: work on being recognized. What you wear and being seen is part of your brand.

The store is a single storefront in a fancy mall. It's a small and cozy place. The walls were stocked from end to end with attractive product displays. Brand lesson: Do what you do in a big way over and over again.

Everyone who entered the Apple store was treated the same way – friendly reception and purposeful responses. Those of us wanting support were given online reservations for our spot in line – it's the equivalent of taking a number at the deli. I didn't have to stand in line to get my help. I felt confident that my place in line would be respected. I found out that I could have made that reservation from home and known my appointment time before I arrived. Brand lesson: be clear about what you'll deliver. Customer Service is paramount.

After my 20 minute wait I saw Janru who replaced my iPod and took care of the exchange paperwork. Brand lesson: Deliver what you promise right on time (or early).

Beyond the red shirts is the Apple Product. Everything in that place sent the same message, "We are Apple." Examples of Apple product branding:

• Consistent white packaging,
• The Apple logo,
• The Apple product names: iPhone, iPod, iMac – for example,
• The use of technology synchs with their creation of technology,
• The product features & benefits playing on the flat screens above the Guru desk, and
• The backpack style bag for accessories purchased.

Brand lesson: Know what message you are sending.

The use of technology is vivid as the sales associates have belt-loaded scanners and take your credit card anywhere in the store. There is no cash register and no line for check out. Brand lesson: do what you say.

The experience made me want to own an Apple. As Pine & Gilmore support in their book "The Experience Economy" , being part of this clan with a terrific look and practices is enticing.

The brand that you create for yourself will draw people to you and aid you in attaining positions that you want. What is your brand? Is it just what you want it to be? If yes you will be moving smoothly through this gig or onto your next one.

11 March 2008

The Big Move, Prom and my new friend The Boot

This weekend was crazy! Friday I sprained my ankle and I now sport a lovely Boot.

Spent Saturday moving out of the apartment which really was not very fun in The Boot. Off to Bonneville High's Prom at WSU. Home at 1am.Not the best weekend in the world but very glad to have it over. Now I am back in Vernal for another long week. The Boot is not something I would recommend to anyone. It really makes a day drag on.

06 March 2008

Observations from a hotel in Vernal

I'm in the middle of a 2 week trip to Vernal. Not the most exciting place but I have plenty of time to think. This trip I made the decision to not turn on the TV at all. I got caught up on a lot of articles I downloaded. Came across this one Digital Sabbath that I am going to give a try. I admit to being an obsessive freak when it comes to emails and cellphones. Anyway, while here in Vernal I did a lot of walking. I noticed on about 2 dozen occasions that people leave their vehicles running and unoccupied while at the bank, store, gas station etc. I guess people are very trusting in a small community. I also observed car after car pulling in front of my hotel room window using the free Wifi to check email. I also got caught up on some Scripture study. I had planned on attending the Temple but just my luck it was closed for cleaning. Tomorrow I'm off to the thriving town of Lapoint then home for the big move on Saturday. Prom shoot Saturday night. Back in Vernal Monday. Life in the fast lane for the Fig. Can't wait to walk in the door tomorrow night and spend some quality time with Kel and Ari. A week is to long....how on earth did I do it for 2 years.