31 January 2008

We have to move!

We got news the other night that we have to move. We have to be out by March 31. My first reaction was not very pleasant. I then realized that thing could be worse. I thought back to the little fale Ari was born in. Lesson: Count your blessings everyday. Be grateful for all the little things. Your family is all that you can take with you.


Jack and Sarah said...

Hey guys! It was so good hearing from you! England is so unique, but we are missing Kaysville. Although we are bummed to hear you are having to go! Where are you going to go? Hopefully not too far. Your blog looks so good, so many adorable photos...Disneyland, Tampa, we are glad to see you are having fun. We miss you guys, and Ari! Tell her hello and sacrament meeting just isn't the same without her by us. We'll need to keep in touch through these blogs.

KDAY said...

I hope you don't go far, we'll miss your wonderful. + we still have some soccer to play.