05 August 2008

Hikairo Forbes - LDS return missionary signs with Waikato

"Hikairo would have played the other day but he became a father on Tuesday and that took precedence," said Hanks, who expressed confidence Forbes would do a good job despite his complete lack of experience at this level. The Hamilton-born 2004 New Zealand Secondary Schools representative has been known for his outstanding mobility and ball-carrying ability since his school days at Church College of New Zealand. (LDS High School located next to the Temple)

"Hikairo is someone who was identified as a schoolboy as someone having potential," Hanks said.

After school, Hikairo went on his Mormon mission. He returned last year. Last November, he joined the Waikato high performance programme, training fulltime under trainer Wally Rifle, playing for Hautapu and earning this week's start. "He and Josh Hohneck have both brought ball-carrying ability to the team and are both also good defenders," Hanks said.

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