01 May 2009

Single Dad for a few days!

Kel is at Woman's Conference so it's just me and Ari. Last night we were off to her soccer game and then to Fat Cat's. Coming home I was amazed how much my life has changed since this little angel arrived. I listened to her singing High School Musical 4 songs as we drove. I never dreamed my playlist on the iPhone would ever include Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers and Mylie Cyrus but Ari can twist my arm to do just about anything.(frozen cookie dough before bed) I love my life, I am so blessed to have such a beautiful wife and daughter!


Jack said...

You guys are such a beautiful family. We are glad to see you guys doing so well. Ari is so grown up.

The Huffs said...

We miss you guys. Ari is growing up so much!