11 March 2008

The Big Move, Prom and my new friend The Boot

This weekend was crazy! Friday I sprained my ankle and I now sport a lovely Boot.

Spent Saturday moving out of the apartment which really was not very fun in The Boot. Off to Bonneville High's Prom at WSU. Home at 1am.Not the best weekend in the world but very glad to have it over. Now I am back in Vernal for another long week. The Boot is not something I would recommend to anyone. It really makes a day drag on.


The Huffs said...

We had no idea you were in a boot... that stinks!:) Hope you get better!

KDAY said...

I was in one of those for way too long. Make sure you're not. The real doc was actually very upset at the ER doc who told me to use it for three weeks.